Never Lose Another Overnight Lead

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We respond & qualify your overnight internet leads.

If any of this sounds familiar, you need Overnight Dealer!

My reps don’t answer overnight leads until the next day

My reps can’t tell which overnight leads are most important

We’ve lost deals to competitors who respond overnight

I would bet that we’re leaving money on the table!

What We Do For Dealerships


When you’re closed, we get to work & respond to your leads within 5 minutes, 365 days per year.


We filter your internet leads from any source (even third-party) to find the ones who are ready to buy now.


Wake up with quality & engaged leads so sales starts their day focused on people ready to buy.

Dahvin Greenfield
Marketing Manager

Decrease Cost Per Sale

As a dealer group marketing manager, my #1 goal was decreasing cost per sale.

After measuring every number I could track (and we had a lot), I zeroed in on the biggest factor to increased close percentage….

And it was the time sales reps were taking to respond to Internet leads.

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Never Lose Another Overnight Lead

Turn overnight leads into sales with Overnight Dealer