3 Best Tips To Improve Follow Up When Customers Are Hot-To-Buy!

It’s Q3, your inventory is fresh, your advertising budget is adjusted and your sales staff is hungry!

Don’t leave customers waiting more than five minutes, your competitor is right down the road.

78% of buyers shop with the dealership that responds back FIRST.

We want you to be that dealership!

Here are Three of the BEST Tips to Improve Follow Up When Customers Are Hot-To-Buy:


Don’t Rely On Auto Responders

The worst thing about Auto Responders is that your customers can spot one when it lands in their inbox (or spam folder)!

It’s not personable and it looks like it’s coming from a robot.

Turn off the Auto Responder and have your sales staff follow up with your customers.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Customers

A hot lead just came in – hooray!

This customer is so excited about the new SUV that just arrived and can’t wait to take it out for a spin.

Sounds like a hot-to-buy customer, right?

Sure…so why are you following up their inquiry with pictures of the vehicle they JUST searched for?

Or even worse…showing them pictures of another car that may be out of their budget or doesn’t check all of their preference boxes?

The plan is to get this customer on the phone or in the door.

Let the customer decide if they want to peruse other vehicles (from YOUR inventory of course)!

Always Include A Call-To-Action

The lead is hot!

It’s the end of the month!

Why haven’t you set up a date or time for this customer to stop by?

Your follow up techniques via email or the phone should always have a call-to-action!

When’s a good day/time to talk on the phone?

When are you free today for a test drive?

Keep it simple, short & single.

Why a single point?

Your customer has done their research.

Don’t ask them too many questions or bombard them with four to five pictures.

If you have their attention, keep their attention before they look elsewhere (and don’t think they won’t).


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