3 Best Ways To Close Hot Leads

The weekend is here!

Your inventory is priced, ad budget is updated and your sales staff feels motivated!

Sounds like everything is working in your favor this month … so stop making your customers wait more than five minutes.

Your competitor is right around the corner and get this, 78% of buyers shop with the dealership who responds first.

It’s not about the pricing, it’s all about the follow-up!

Improve your lead follow-up technique today with these three suggestions in mind!

Cut Ties With Your Autoresponder

This relationship has gone on for way too long with very little benefits along the way!

Customers know when they have received an auto response (especially if it ends up in their spam folder).

Turn off the autoresponder and make sure your staff is responding back to customers within five minutes or less!

Your Customers Know More Than You Think

A hot lead just came in – hooray!

This customer is so excited about the new model that just arrived and can’t wait to test drive it.

Sounds like a hot-to-buy customer, right?

Absolutely…so why are you sending pictures of a vehicle they just looked at?

The plan is to get this customer on the phone or in the door.

Stop playing ’email tag,’ sending vehicle specs they’ve already perused through!

What’s Next; What’s The Call-To-Action?

You’ve got a hot lead! Yay!

So, why haven’t you set up a date or time for this customer to stop by?

Your follow up techniques via email or the phone should always have a call-to-action!

When’s a good day/time to talk on the phone?

When are you free today for a test drive?

Keep it short & simple!

Don’t ask them too many questions or bombard them with four to five pictures of your inventory.

If you have their attention, keep their attention before they look (and buy) elsewhere!