Attribution in Automotive Marketing

The days of car shoppers finding one advertisement in the newspaper or on TV are far behind us.

Not only has Covid-19 affected today’s car shopper, we are now (and have been) living in a digital world!

The chance your most recent buyer saw one ad before making their purchase, is extremely rare.

Customers spend hours researching their next car purchase before sending in an inquiry.

If they’re spending hours researching – do you think they are looking at the same listing on AutoTrader over and over again?

The car buying process is a journey and your potential buyer is interacting with a lot of ‘characters’ along the way – these characters people channels!

What channels?

Every channel!

Facebook, Instagram,, Car Gurus, AutoTrader, Edmunds, your website, your competitor’s website, retargeted ads, organic posts…

Every single channel a customer interacts with counts as a touch-point; every touch-point is valuable because it is another step towards the sale!

This is why marketing attribution is so important!

It all comes down to better understanding which campaigns and strategies are getting your customers to convert … not only that but, you’ll be able to see which advertising sources are giving you biggest return!

Review your last month’s sales and how those closed leads are sourced.

The more data you have the better you’ll understand where your most traffic is coming from.

And remember, your customer’s journey is never as simple as point A to point B … there are many pit stops and it’s you and your marketing teams job to find out which pit stops seal the deal!