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Never Miss Another ‘Hot Lead’

Your goal is to move inventory and sell more but, 35% of your leads come in overnight. It’s impossible to answer leads that come in the night before without a full-time overnight BDC. In addition to answering overnight leads, it’s difficult to spot a good versus a bad lead once they pile up in your […]

Responding To Automotive Leads During Covid-19

It should come as no surprise the impact Covid-19 had on a number of industries. Dealerships were closing temporarily or staying open with limited hours and staff. Even during these trying time, there was still a silver lining. Driven Data recently shared a report on lead response versus closing rate during the beginning of the […]

Cut Ties With Your Auto Response

Auto responses are outdated, stale and can turn off a potential buyer. It’s time to stop communicating like it’s 1980. Your customers have done their research; there is so much information available at their fingertips (literally). Stop sending back multiple pictures, vehicle specs or more than one follow up question. The goal is to get […]

Overnight BDC – This Will Surprise You

Another weekend has come and gone and your sales staff are eager to keep the momentum up! But things feel as if they are at a standstill. The CRM is full of leads from customers who don’t seem ready to buy. Now is not a good time… I’m just browsing We already bought elsewhere (your […]

What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads

If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has released a beta-test for their On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA). It’s similar to their current Marketplace Advertising platform except now you’ll have a unique destination for your new and used vehicle advertisements. AIA provides a frictionless shopping experience for Facebook users. What does this mean? Your […]

Attribution in Automotive Marketing

The days of car shoppers finding one advertisement in the newspaper or on TV are far behind us. Not only has Covid-19 affected today’s car shopper, we are now (and have been) living in a digital world! The chance your most recent buyer saw one ad before making their purchase, is extremely rare. Customers spend […]

Do Not Ignore Your New Car Leads

There seems to be a light at the end of the Covid-19 Tunnel! After a steady decline of car sales, automakers have reported ending Q3 on a high note. Automakers such as Toyota noted a 16.2% increase in sales in September. Although there is a concern about 2021 model manufacturing, the demand for new cars […]