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Overnight BDC – Stop Making Your Customers Wait

Picture this… The working day is done and you’re ready to move more inventory in the morning. You may have stepped away from the sales desk but, your CRM does not stop working! There is more traffic than you realize. 35% of internet leads come in overnight! And 78% of those overnight lead inquiries will […]

This Is What Your Marketing Department Does Not Know…

It’s a new month and you’re focused on your sales objective! Your marketing manager is keeping track of the number of leads you’ve received and assumes your sales staff  is converting potential customers into buyers. Marketing spends your advertising budget to get people on the floor! Marketing sees the CRM fill up with leads but […]

Short-Staffed Does Not Mean Fewer Leads

The first wave of Covid-19 has come and gone but it has left many industries in long-term recovery mode. In response to Covid-19, dealerships have had to layoff most of their staff. The pandemic may be experiencing a second wave but, consumers are not done researching about their next car to purchase. Dealerships must rely […]

Two Reasons Why Your Auto Responder Is Costing You Sales

It’s time to face facts:  an automatic response from an auto responder is killing your sales effort. Known as an ‘auto response’, here’s two reasons why it’s time to stop and think: 1. Vehicle Specs Are So ‘1980’ When a potential customer fills out a lead form, they’ve already studied the vehicle top to bottom. […]

Overnight BDC – What Your Competitor Does Not Know

Did you know 35% of internet leads come in after hours? You do NOW! Without an overnight BDC service, those customers submitting overnight inquiries have to wait up to 18 hours or longer for a response. And guess what? 78% of customers work with the dealership that responds back first. Enough industry secrets… It’s time […]

Spotting A Hot Sales Lead

Your goal is to move inventory and sell more but, 35% (or more) of your leads come in overnight. It’s nearly impossible to answer leads that come in the night before without a full-time overnight BDC. In addition to answering overnight leads, it’s difficult to spot a good versus a bad lead once they start […]

Secret To Closing More Deals

Psst… want to know the secret to closing more deals? What if I told you the secret improves your lead follow up? According to an Accenture Survey of 10K car buyers, shoppers spend up to 15 hours researching before making a purchase. When a customer submits a vehicle inquiry, realize that they have done their […]

Overnight BDC – This Will Shock You

As a sales manager, you may be on the fence about hiring an overnight BDC service. Completely understandable. Who cares about your overnight leads – it’s not like you can move inventory when you’re closed. But what you’re about to learn will completely shock you. And before making any decisions, keep this in mind: Up […]