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The Truth About New Car Sales During Covid-19

December is here and the pandemic has yet to excuse itself from 2020! Despite the economic turmoil Covid-19 has put a majority of industries through, recent reporting has indicated that the automotive industry is taking a turn … a positive one! Consumers who are still financially stable are not turning way from big purchases. According […]

Overnight BDC – Will It Improve My Close Rate?

You may be on the fence about hiring an overnight BDC service. We get it! Who cares about your overnight leads – it’s not like you can sell cars when you’re closed. But what you’re about to learn will completely shock you. 35% of Leads That’s right! 35% of your leads come in after hours. […]

Top Three Ways To Crush Your Last Selling Weekend

The last weekend of November is here! It’s time to crush your final selling days! Here are three ways to get you started: Motivation Is Key Your sales staff is overworked. They need you for support and motivation! Help your sales staff set personal goals and show interest in their progress in this final week. […]

Qualify Leads When You’re Closed

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and similar to most people, you are looking forward to celebrating with your family and close friends. There are many things to be thankful for especially if your dealership has been able to sustain itself during these trying times. No matter what your plans may be for the holiday tomorrow there is […]

Automotive Marketing for Black Friday 2020

U.S. News & World Report has unveiled The Best Black Friday Car Deals in 2020! There is some good news amidst this pandemic; great, competitive offers for your customers are still available this upcoming holiday shopping season. With that being said, the biggest weekend for shopping is happening in a matter of days … is […]

What You Must Know About Marketing Attribution

The days of car shoppers bringing a copy of your newspaper advertisement into the dealership are far behind us. Not only has Covid-19 affected today’s car shopper but, we are living in a digital world! The chance your most recent buyer saw one ad before making their purchase, is rare. Customers spend hours researching their […]

Overnight BDC – Will It Lower My Cost Per Sale?

You may be skeptical about hiring an overnight BDC… we get it! As a store manager, you have enough to worry about: Monthly Sales Objective Advertising Costs Sales Follow-Up The list goes on & on… Why should you worry about your overnight leads – it’s not like customers are shopping at midnight. But what if […]

3 Best Ways To Close Hot Leads

The weekend is here! Your inventory is priced, ad budget is updated and your sales staff feels motivated! Sounds like everything is working in your favor this month … so stop making your customers wait more than five minutes. Your competitor is right around the corner and get this, 78% of buyers shop with the […]

This Is Why Overnight Dealer Is Anti-Auto Response

2020 has been a year of change for a number of industries and yet, one thing has stayed the same. All customers get turned off by auto responses! Auto responses are outdated & stale. It’s 2020; stop using outdated methods of communication. Your customers have done their research; there is so much information available at […]