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High Productivity = Low Cost-Per-Sale

78% of car shoppers use 3rd party sites when researching new vehicle options (AutoTrader). Thanks to sites like CarGurus or AutoTrader, consumers can have insight on which dealership has the best pricing. Now imagine if your consumers were given a score on how well a dealership follows up with customers. How would you rate your store? If […]

Carvana | Is It The Future of the Automotive Industry?

2 out of 3 car shoppers prefer shopping online versus visiting a dealership (Cox Automotive). This is why companies like Carvana seem more appealing to today’s shopper! Carvana promises a car buying experience equivalent to Amazon! Carvana is your top competitor if you have not upgraded your dealer site with digital retailing. Your potential customer wants […]

Overnight BDC – You Won’t Believe This

You may be on the fence about hiring an overnight BDC service. We get it! Who cares about your overnight leads – it’s not like you can sell cars when you’re closed. But what you’re about to learn will completely shock you. And before making any decisions, keep this in mind: Up to 40% of […]

Never Miss Another ‘Hot Lead’

Your goal is to move inventory and sell more but, 35% of your leads come in overnight. It’s impossible to answer leads that come in the night before without a full-time overnight BDC. In addition to answering overnight leads, it’s difficult to spot a good versus a bad lead once they pile up in your […]

Responding To Automotive Leads During Covid-19

It should come as no surprise the impact Covid-19 had on a number of industries. Dealerships were closing temporarily or staying open with limited hours and staff. Even during these trying time, there was still a silver lining. Driven Data recently shared a report on lead response versus closing rate during the beginning of the […]

Cut Ties With Your Auto Response

Auto responses are outdated, stale and can turn off a potential buyer. It’s time to stop communicating like it’s 1980. Your customers have done their research; there is so much information available at their fingertips (literally). Stop sending back multiple pictures, vehicle specs or more than one follow up question. The goal is to get […]

Overnight BDC – This Will Surprise You

Another weekend has come and gone and your sales staff are eager to keep the momentum up! But things feel as if they are at a standstill. The CRM is full of leads from customers who don’t seem ready to buy. Now is not a good time… I’m just browsing We already bought elsewhere (your […]