Automotive Marketing for Black Friday 2020

U.S. News & World Report has unveiled The Best Black Friday Car Deals in 2020!

There is some good news amidst this pandemic; great, competitive offers for your customers are still available this upcoming holiday shopping season.

With that being said, the biggest weekend for shopping is happening in a matter of days … is your website up to date with your current offers?

If not, make sure this your marketing teams number one priority today!

Some dealerships have been promoting specials since the beginning of this month (one of those dealerships could be your TOP competitor)!

Speak with your marketing manager ASAP and get those specials live on the site and wherever else you are currently advertising (i.e. social media, 3rd party vendors, radio, tv, etc)!!

And a quick reminder… if you’re like most dealers in America, you’ll be closed on Thanksgiving Day, so make sure you have a game plan on how to best answer any incoming leads after business hours.

It may be time you consider hiring an Overnight BDC service to qualify and respond to any and all leads when you’re not open (holidays are NO exception)!

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies leads within five minutes or less!

Call us to setup a demo today!

But first… get speaking with Marketing and get your holiday specials up pronto!