Carvana | Is It The Future of the Automotive Industry?

2 out of 3 car shoppers prefer shopping online versus visiting a dealership (Cox Automotive).

This is why companies like Carvana seem more appealing to today’s shopper!

Carvana promises a car buying experience equivalent to Amazon!

Carvana is your top competitor if you have not upgraded your dealer site with digital retailing.

Your potential customer wants their car delivered to them and yet, one thing remains the same:

78% of customers buy from the dealer that gets back to them first!

Carvana may sound like the best solution, but according to some of their reviews, the promise of convenience is met with a harsher reality.

Carvana customers have felt ‘cheated’ out of a positive experience … the concept of follow-up and care after the purchase seems to be nonexistent.

Customers prefer convenience and yet, they want consistency and personalization more!

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