This Is What Your Marketing Department Does Not Know…

It’s a new month and you’re focused on your sales objective!

Your marketing manager is keeping track of the number of leads you’ve received and assumes your sales staff  is converting potential customers into buyers.

Marketing spends your advertising budget to get people on the floor!

Marketing sees the CRM fill up with leads but no inventory moves the first weekend of the month.

But not every lead is a hot lead….

You continue to spend money on advertising and try to push inventory on people who are not hot-to-buy!

Your cost per sale increases as the month prevails and all marketing sees is your CRM flooded with opportunities.

The goal each month is to reach your sales objective, lower cost-per-sale and protect margin!

Marketing needs to know not all leads are hot leads!

Overnight Dealer qualifies and responds to all of your overnight leads.

The only leads you’ll need to worry about are hot leads.

We will provide you a report each morning on which customers to follow-up with.

In addition, we will give you a monthly Source Report.

Sit down with your marketing department with our Source Report each month and discuss where your hottest leads are coming from!

Do you close more leads?

Are you getting zero return from Auto Trader?

Your marketing department needs to know this; Overnight Dealer is here to help!

Lower your cost-per-sale, protect margin and improve communication with your marketing department.

Don’t Forget: The more data the better!

Two Mistakes That Stifle Sales

You are approaching the middle of the month and there are sales objectives that have yet to be reached.

It’s time to motivate your sales team and improve your lead follow up.

Here are two mistakes that stifle sales!

Continue reading on what you could do today to improve your overall cost-per-sale!


Here’s Some More Info (On Something You Just Looked At)!

Car shoppers have done their research (more than you can imagine)!

According to an Accenture Survey, potential buyers spend up to 15 hours researching BEFORE they buy.

If your potential buyer just spent hours researching the newest model you happen to have in stock, what makes you think they want to see vehicle specs?

They were just looking at that!

Give the customer a reason to stop by your dealership and be able to see the brand new model in-person!

Better yet, suggest scheduling a test drive in your response back.


12+ Hours Later…

You have yet to follow up with an internet lead inquiry that had come in overnight.

Not only are your customers hot-to-buy but, they are used to instant gratification.

Overnight Dealer will respond & qualify all of your overnight leads in five minutes or less!

78% of shoppers buy from the first responder.

Do not let that first responder be your competitor!


Set up a demo today to see how Overnight Dealer can lower your cost-per-sale!

Stop Worrying About Your ROI

There’s nothing better than starting the day with a list of ‘hot leads’ to motivate a sales staff!

Internet leads are costly, especially the ones you or your marketing department never see a return on.

If you’re concerned about your ROI with advertising, consider Overnight Dealer’s Source Report!

Source Report

You’re already loving our ‘hot leads’ report each morning.

We’re excited to introduce you a new monthly report on where your best leads are coming from.

This report will show you what sources/vendors are worth paying for!

Do you have a hotter leads with Auto Trader?

Do you never receive hot leads from Car Gurus?

Overnight Dealer’s Source Report will have these answers for you!

It’s time to stop wasting your advertising dollars on internet leads with zero return.

Overnight Dealers tracks and collects the data for you.

There’s no need for you to pick & prod through your CRM each and every month.

Let us handle it – besides, you have inventory to move!