Zero Overnight Leads? Time To Speak To Marketing

Another weekend is fast approaching and your sales staff is losing steam.

They are responding to incoming leads, following up with previous buyers and continue to refresh the CRM dashboard.

You’re hoping to have a packed weekend of moving inventory and yet, the lead flow has dried up.

35% of internet leads come in when you are off the clock!

If you are coming to the dealership each morning to an empty CRM, it’s time to speak with your marketing manager.

You should have an abundance of internet leads if your budget is going towards right kind of leads!

First things first, make sure it isn’t a technical issue with your CRM or lead forwarding email.

If everything is set up correctly, dig into where your leads are coming from.

Check those 3rd Party Listing Sites and make sure the correct inventory and pricing is available.

Talk to your marketing manager and make sure she/he is checking these sites for you too.

If the inventory and pricing is accurate, review which package you are on for each vendor.

Maybe you’re targeting the wrong buyer!

Maybe your inventory isn’t available on enough listing sites.

Set up a meeting with your marketing team (if you haven’t already) and figure out where your leads have gone!

35% of all leads come in overnight; if you are coming to work to an empty CRM, improving your lead quantity should be your number one priority!

3 Best Tips To Improve Follow Up When Customers Are Hot-To-Buy!

It’s Q3, your inventory is fresh, your advertising budget is adjusted and your sales staff is hungry!

Don’t leave customers waiting more than five minutes, your competitor is right down the road.

78% of buyers shop with the dealership that responds back FIRST.

We want you to be that dealership!

Here are Three of the BEST Tips to Improve Follow Up When Customers Are Hot-To-Buy:


Don’t Rely On Auto Responders

The worst thing about Auto Responders is that your customers can spot one when it lands in their inbox (or spam folder)!

It’s not personable and it looks like it’s coming from a robot.

Turn off the Auto Responder and have your sales staff follow up with your customers.

Don’t Overwhelm Your Customers

A hot lead just came in – hooray!

This customer is so excited about the new SUV that just arrived and can’t wait to take it out for a spin.

Sounds like a hot-to-buy customer, right?

Sure…so why are you following up their inquiry with pictures of the vehicle they JUST searched for?

Or even worse…showing them pictures of another car that may be out of their budget or doesn’t check all of their preference boxes?

The plan is to get this customer on the phone or in the door.

Let the customer decide if they want to peruse other vehicles (from YOUR inventory of course)!

Always Include A Call-To-Action

The lead is hot!

It’s the end of the month!

Why haven’t you set up a date or time for this customer to stop by?

Your follow up techniques via email or the phone should always have a call-to-action!

When’s a good day/time to talk on the phone?

When are you free today for a test drive?

Keep it simple, short & single.

Why a single point?

Your customer has done their research.

Don’t ask them too many questions or bombard them with four to five pictures.

If you have their attention, keep their attention before they look elsewhere (and don’t think they won’t).


Interested in more follow up techniques?

Learn more about Overnight Dealer’s 3-Point Response.

What Are The 3 Questions Every GM Should Ask Their Marketing Manager?

Picture this … your sales staff is stressed, scrolling through the CRM, in search of a hot lead.

Monthly incentives are posted on social media, inventory pricing is updated and you’re moving inventory.

But … what the hell has your Marketing Manager been doing?

As the general manager of a dealership, you should be meeting with your marketing manager at least once a week and gets answers to the following 3 questions.

Where Is My Budget Going (And Why)?

As a GM you should know where your advertising budget is going.

You cannot afford to put your head in the sand and set monthly budgets to third-party vendors  (AutoTrader,, etc.) on auto-pilot.

Your marketing manager runs the advertising budget, but you own it.

Sit down with your marketing department and review where your money is going.

If you do not recognize the name of a vendor, cancel them today!

Where Are My Leads & Deals Coming From?

Do you get more Car Gurus leads but close more deals thanks to

Who’s got this answer?  Your Marketing Department.

Your marketing manager should provide a report on how many leads you are getting from each vendor, total cost per vendor, number of leads & cost per closed lead.

(The most successful dealerships are tracking these numbers daily in a shared excel or dashboard.)

If your average closing cost for Car Gurus is higher than, it’s time to shift your marketing budget and stop wasting money!

What Is My Cost Per Sale?

As the GM, you live and die by your monthly sales objectives.

And your marketing department should be doing the same thing!

Your advertising budget should be spent on vendors with a consistent return on investment (ROI).

Not only do you need to move inventory, you have to be cost-effective!

Your marketing department should be reviewing current spend and daily sales to calculate your cost per sale (CPS).

If CPS is higher than projected, marketing needs to make adjustments mid-month.

And if they don’t ….. maybe it’s time to start looking for a new marketing manager!

Don’t have a full-time marketing person?

Did you know that Overnight Dealer has a monthly Source Report?

In addition to following up with your overnight leads (which make up 35% of your total leads), Overnight Dealer provides a report of where your best leads are coming from!

Learn more about our Source Report!

Following Up With Internet Leads In 2020

Lead follow-up is crucial!

78% of customers buy from the first responder.

If you don’t respond to a lead within five minutes, that’s another deal for your competitor to close.

We don’t want that.

It’s time to treat our internet lead follow-up like it’s 2020, NOT 1980.

It’s time to review some processes and make a change!

Here’s something you should know … Up to 40% of internet leads come in overnight.

A lot of opportunities are left on the table and it’s affecting your closing rate.

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies all of your overnight leads so sales can start the day motivated!

That’s 40% of your leads responded to and qualified!

You are already capturing 60% of incoming leads during business hours.

Let us help you respond & qualify the additional 40%!

It’s 2020; it’s time to respond and qualify 100% of your internet leads!

Are you ready to get started?

Turn Off Your CRM Auto Response Now

Dealerships have been relying on auto responses generated by their CRMs for years.

These responses are outdated, stale and likely to turn off a potential customer.

With an abundance of listing sites to peruse through, potential buyers do not need you to fill their inbox with information they’ve researched themselves.

Multiple pictures … vehicle specs …. two or three follow up questions…

Speaking of follow up questions – shouldn’t the customer be asking you about the vehicle and not the other way around?

Better yet … shouldn’t this conversation be happening in person or over the phone?

Here’s a suggestion: Overnight Dealer’s 3-Point Response™

The 3-Point Response™ is a proven method to get customers to respond.

It’s personalized, it’s coming from a real email address and it asks a single point.

Why a single point?

Customers have done their research!!

It’s time to get with the program and stop talking to customers like it’s 1980!

Stop flooding your customer’s inboxes with spammy messaging.

Overnight Dealer is Anti-Information Overload!

Qualify Leads When You’re Closed (Holidays Are No Exception)!

Fourth of July is here and similar to many dealerships, you are decorating your front line with festive balloons and have the grill ready to be fired up!

This is a great way to attract drive by traffic when you’re open but, what happens when you’re closed?

If 35% of your internet leads come in overnight, imagine how many more leads you’ll be shuffling through the morning after July 4th!

Most dealerships are closed on holidays (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th, ect.) and yet, your customers are still searching your inventory.

It’s overwhelming to come back to the dealership the day after a holiday.

Your CRM is flooded with unread leads.

You’re short-staffed.

You’re doing multiple jobs at once.

Here’s a solution… Overnight Dealer will respond and qualify all overnight leads.

This includes leads that come in when you’re closed (especially holidays).

The days of texting your best salesperson in the middle of a family barbeque are over!

Isn’t it time you enjoyed a day off?


The 3-Point Response™ Guaranteed To Get Customers On The Lot

Thanks to listing sites like AutoTrader or, 90% of buyers already know about the vehicle before they submit an inquiry.

And yet ….Dealerships tend to respond back to customers with the same information they just finished reading.

They don’t need that!

They just read it!

The 3-Point Response™ utilized by Overnight Dealer is a proven method to get customers on the lot.

The response consists of:

  1. Picture
  2. Personalization
  3. Point


People are more likely to open and respond to an email from someone they know.

Having a picture of a friendly face accompanied with the sender’s name, looks more genuine and inviting!

Typical lead follow-up templates, have a sales person’s picture attached to their signature.

This old fashioned approach is more hokey and less trustworthy.


Similar to the picture, the signature completes the personalization!

The potential customer will see the email is coming from a trusted source: your dealership!


Why a single point?

Customers have done their research!!

The Point will be geared towards a selected CTA (Call-T0-Action), such as set up a call/appointment or test drive.

No need for multiple questions in one email message (it’s not the 80’s).

No need for a long drawn out message filled with pictures of a vehicle they JUST looked at!

Don’t overwhelm your customer with questions.

Less is MORE when you want to get someone in the door!

Two Reasons You Need To Be The First Responder

Buyers today are accustomed to instant gratification.

Thanks to companies like Uber, GrubHub and Amazon, potential customers want responses NOW.

The expectation is no different for a car dealership.

Two reasons why being the first responder always yields more sales:

#1: 78% of Customers Buy From the First Responder

According to a study by Lead Connect,  78% of customers buy from the dealer that gets back to them first.

Procrastination is not allowed on the sales floor!

(That waiting is costing you lost deals)

You’ve got only 5 Minutes to contact them!

Five minutes may seem like a small time frame but it’s not!

Don’t forget:  they have multiple browser tabs open searching your competitor’s inventory.

Why give them THIS opportunity?

#2: 1/4 of Dealers Don’t Follow-Up

The average car shopper fills out 4 leads and one of them never responds.

Don’t be that dealership that never responds!

Just by responding, you’ve got a 1 in 3 chance to win the sale!

This is why a Forbes study shows 71% of internet leads are wasted!

You’ve put so much money into getting their attention why pull back when you are now on their radar?