What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads

If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has released a beta-test for their On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA).

It’s similar to their current Marketplace Advertising platform except now you’ll have a unique destination for your new and used vehicle advertisements.

AIA provides a frictionless shopping experience for Facebook users.

What does this mean?

Your shoppers will stay engaged with your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) on Facebook as opposed to venturing off-site.

This keeps your potential buyer on Facebook’s platform instead of jumping from site to site.

Facebook has noted an 82% decrease in cost-per-lead with AIA in comparison to the off-site destination ad types.

There are a lot of advantages to Facebook’s AIA:

  1. Delivers a more efficient campaign performance
  2. Reaches in-market shoppers during their buying journey
  3. Re-targets shoppers who viewed or engaged with your dealership

If you’re interested in using Facebook marketing to its full capacity, consider testing Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads.

Keep in mind this will keep shoppers on Facebook so do not be concerned if you see a drop in website traffic!

As for available Call-To-Actions, AIA prompts consumers to message you via Facebook or call your dealership directly.

If you do not have a sales person monitoring your business pages Facebook Messenger, assign someone with that task if you’re considering this beta-test.

Remember you have five minutes or less to contact a customer!

Curious about how to handle your other leads in the meantime?

Set up a demo with Overnight Dealer today!

Two Ways To Improve Lead Follow-Up Today

Every great sale starts strong!

That strength stems from your lead follow-up!

Here are 2 of the best lead follow-up techniques:

Stop Wasting Time

Answering leads within five minutes must be the standard on your sales floor!

Hot-to-Buy customers should not be waiting on you.

The longer you let customers wait the more likely they will search & buy elsewhere (do not give this opportunity to your competitor)!

Auto Responders Are The Silent Killer (In Sales)!

Auto Responders are outdated, look stale and customers notice!

Customers are reaching out to you because they want to hear from you – not a robot!

Automated responses are not personable and they can stall the sales process.

If your sales staff is able to answer a lead within five minutes, there is no need for automated response!

As for your leads that come in after hours, consider hiring an overnight BDC service!

Overnight Dealer responds & qualifies all of your overnight leads in 5 minutes or less!

Start protecting your margin & demo Overnight Dealer today!

Ixnay The Pop-Ups (Keep The Live Chat)

As we know, instant gratification is a consumer’s number one necessity!

It’s been confirmed that up to 63% of consumers switch to businesses they can text versus just call.

Do not think this does not apply to the automotive world!

In the past few years, there’s been an array of ‘Live Chat’ options provided by dealer site vendors such as Dealer.com or CDK.

When a potential buyer is on your site – if you have this live chat function – a window will pop up in their browser, giving them the option to chat with someone at your dealership (i.e. sales person, customer care specialist, etc.).

Some consumers like it … some find it annoying …

Have you ever considered ixnaying the whole pop-up altogether?

AtList, a custom Google maps platform, did a little research themselves.

They got rid of the chat window/bubble altogether and instead replaced it with a link.

This way, it is the customer’s choice if they would like to speak to someone via chat.

After replacing the pop-up window with a link, there was a 62% increase in new chat conversations!

Change is good, especially amidst a pandemic when every industry has had to make many changes in very little time!

Have your marketing manager reach out to your site vendor today and replace the bubble with a link…it might be worthwhile!

Your Reputation Matters (Especially Online) – The Importance Of Online Reviews

It’s time to kick off another month & close Quarter 3 of 2020 with a bang!

As a sales manager, you are reviewing your pricing and inventory on the various 3rd party listing sites (and your marketing manager should be doing the same)!

As for listing sites … are you providing up to date information on Google?

If you are hoping to increase walk-in traffic this month, ask your marketing manager to tweak your Google listing.

63% of consumers check Google reviews before visiting a business!

Make sure your address, contact number and business hours are accurate.

And when was the last time you received a good review?

Quantity and Quality matter when it comes to your reputation.

77% of consumers do not trust reviews older than three months.

Yikes – better dust off the cobwebs if you’re still thriving about a 5-star review from March!

According to a Podium survey, 82% of consumers are influenced to make a purchase based on the content of a review.

You may have awesome inventory and the most competitive pricing but if a recent buyer doesn’t say so on Google, Yelp, Facebook or a 3rd party listing site, your potential buyers will look elsewhere!

Having an abundance of good reviews is ‘social proof’ to a new buyer that your business is genuine.

Meet with marketing today on strategies for collecting more reviews!

This can be done via email or landing pages on the website.

Now what’s your strategy if you were to get a bad review?

Make sure you have one.

You may be ignoring the bad review but your potential buyers are not!

They will notice your absence and assume you do not prioritize your customer’s satisfaction.

We know this isn’t true but remember, we are in a digital world and word-of-mouth is not your top referrer anymore!

Potential buyers are looking for you online!

Whatever is posted about you online should incline shoppers to buy!


The Response Guaranteed To Get Buyers On Your Lot

It’s time to stop treating your customers like it’s 1980.

Believe it or not, 90% of shoppers do 13+ hours of research before making a purchase.

Thanks to the number of listing sites, social media and Google, your customer can get all of the information they need.

Because they have done loads of research, when they submit an inquiry, they are ‘hot’ and ready to buy.

They are not sending in an inquiry to see those same vehicle specs!

They don’t need that!

They just read it!

The 3-Point Response™ utilized by Overnight Dealer is a proven method to get customers on the lot.

The response consists of:

  1. Picture
  2. Personalization
  3. Point


People are more likely to open and respond to an email from someone they know.

Having a picture of a friendly face accompanied with the sender’s name, looks more genuine and inviting!

Typical lead follow-up templates, have a sales person’s picture attached to their signature.

This old fashioned approach is more hokey and less trustworthy.


Similar to the picture, the signature completes the personalization!

The potential customer will see the email is coming from a trusted source: your dealership!


Why a single point?

Customers have done their research!!

The Point will be geared towards a selected CTA (Call-T0-Action), such as set up a call/appointment or test drive.

No need for multiple questions in one email message (it’s not the 80’s).

No need for a long drawn out message filled with pictures of a vehicle they JUST looked at!

Don’t overwhelm your customer with questions.

Trust that when a prospect reaches out to your dealership, it’s because they want to work with you.

Do not turn away hot leads with an outdated method!


Getting The Most Out Of Your CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology for managing your dealership’s relationships and interactions with past, current and new/potential customers.

Believe it or not, the CRM should be you and your sales staff best friend!

Honestly – when was the last time you checked what your CRM can do for you?

Before you let frustration take over, consider utilizing your CRM for you and your staff’s benefit!

The Possibilities Are Endless…Literally

Your CRM is jam packed full of customer’s information!

Not just customers who recently sold but also those who bought years ago.

Everyone is due for an upgrade and you should be the dealership your customer thinks of.

Give them a reason to think of you!

Do not give your competitor an opportunity that’s literally in front you!

Pull a call list right from your CRM and get your sales people on the phone ASAP!

Shut Down The Auto Response

It’s important to be the first responder to incoming inquiries but it’s more important to come across genuine!

Shut off your auto responder.

Sales people should be handling all incoming leads throughout the day.

Your customers can spot auto responses and would much rather get a personalized message in return.

But what about the leads that come in overnight?

Good Question!

Consider hiring an overnight BDC service to respond and qualify your leads.

Most overnight BDC services are integrated with your CRM.

Overnight Dealer will answer & qualify overnight leads in less than five minutes!

In addition, we will provide you a Hot Leads Report each and every morning.

No more wondering which lead you should prioritize, we’ve got you covered!


California Consumer Privacy Act – Does This Apply To You?

As of July 1st of this year, a new privacy act has gone into effect.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulates how companies handle personal information specifically, personal information from anyone in California.

Under this privacy act, residents of California have the following rights:

  1. California consumers can demand to see any and all personal information companies have about them
  2. California consumers have the right to see a list of third parties these companies have shared information with

In addition, California residents can sue companies if the privacy regulations are violated.

This may seem straightforward …. a California Privacy Act for California residents.

Your dealership may be on the opposite coast but that does not mean you shouldn’t take precautions!

Companies located outside of California may still fall under this law; they don’t even have to be based in the United States.

All companies that serve California residents and have at least 25$ million in annual revenue must comply with the CCPA.

Not only that but, companies of any size that have personal data on at least 50K people or that collect more than half of their revenues from the sale of personal data, must comply.

Think of it this way …

Your dealership may be located in the NorthEast or Midwest and yet, anyone from anywhere can find it because your dealership has a website.

Someone from California could peruse your inventory, fill out a contact form or sign up for a newsletter.

If you do not provide them the option to opt-out of sharing their personal information, you could be sued anywhere from $100 to $750 per incident!

That adds up fast!

So how do we avoid this from happening?

The CCPA law specifies that companies must have a link at the footer of their website offering consumers the option to opt-out of data sharing.

If the option is not there, consumers have the right to sue.

Still seems a bit jarring?

Sit down with your marketing team and make sure you are compliant today!

How Hot Are Your Leads?

We are in the middle of August and the weekend is kicking off!

Your sales staff is ready to close more deals.

Although there is an abundance of leads in your CRM, it seems as if every other inquiry is a dud.

Just browsing…

I did not send in a lead

I bought elsewhere…

If you were to review your internet leads, what percentage are hot versus bad?

What if I told you your hottest leads may be coming in overnight?

35% of internet leads come in when you are closed!

Without hiring an overnight BDC service, it’s nearly impossible to handle those overnight inquiries.

We have a solution…

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies your overnight leads within five minutes.

We will handle all of your overnight leads and provide you a Hot Leads Report each morning!

Schedule a demo and see how soon we could qualify your leads; we don’t want you to miss ANY sale opportunity!

Your Auto Response Is Hurting Your Credibility

In this day and age, being the first responder to a lead is the biggest priority; especially when we know 78% of shoppers BUY from the dealership that responds back first.

If that’s not you, it’s your competitor.

But this does not mean you should rely on auto responders.

If you’ve taken the time to comb through the array of templates in your CRM, you would’ve noticed how stale and outdated they are … stale enough to turn off a hot lead!

If your CRM is sending auto responses, the information must be accurate.

Ford dealers in particular should skim through any recently sent emails.

Everyone is beyond excited for the upcoming launch of the 2021 Ford Bronco – and when we say everyone, we also mean your CRM!

Although the 2021 Bronco reservation windows have been pushed to December and dealers aren’t receiving first orders until mid-2021, there’s a chance your CRM has jumped the gun.

Here’s an example of an automated email message about the (yet to be sold) 2021 Ford Bronco:

If this doesn’t make you want to go through your CRM with a fine-tooth comb, I don’t know what will!

Take the time to sit down with your marketing manager and review all auto response templates in your CRM.

Your potential buyers are trusting your word when it comes to their future car purchase …

Simply put, turn off your auto response!

Zero Overnight Leads? Time To Speak To Marketing

Another weekend is fast approaching and your sales staff is losing steam.

They are responding to incoming leads, following up with previous buyers and continue to refresh the CRM dashboard.

You’re hoping to have a packed weekend of moving inventory and yet, the lead flow has dried up.

35% of internet leads come in when you are off the clock!

If you are coming to the dealership each morning to an empty CRM, it’s time to speak with your marketing manager.

You should have an abundance of internet leads if your budget is going towards right kind of leads!

First things first, make sure it isn’t a technical issue with your CRM or lead forwarding email.

If everything is set up correctly, dig into where your leads are coming from.

Check those 3rd Party Listing Sites and make sure the correct inventory and pricing is available.

Talk to your marketing manager and make sure she/he is checking these sites for you too.

If the inventory and pricing is accurate, review which package you are on for each vendor.

Maybe you’re targeting the wrong buyer!

Maybe your inventory isn’t available on enough listing sites.

Set up a meeting with your marketing team (if you haven’t already) and figure out where your leads have gone!

35% of all leads come in overnight; if you are coming to work to an empty CRM, improving your lead quantity should be your number one priority!