Frequently Asked Questions

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies your overnight automobile internet leads so sales starts their day with quality and engaged leads who are ready to make a deal.

You’re trying to move inventory and sell more, but 35% of your leads come in overnight.

Overnight Dealer solves the problem of having to hire a full-time overnight internet sales person by responding and qualifying all of your overnight internet leads so sales starts their day with quality and engaged leads who are ready to make a deal.

We don’t try to everything.  That’s where others have messed up.

We do one thing and we’re the best at it

We solve your overnight internet lead problem.

This includes:

  1. Responding within a certain time frame (under 5 minutes)
  2. Landing in their email inbox (not spam)
  3. Qualifying for your specific call to action (test drive, call, etc.).
  4. Getting your sales team to act

$199 per month per rooftop.

The contract is month-to-month, you may cancel at anytime.


When under the same billing account, Overnight Dealer provides a multi-rooftop discount of 15%.

We provide a unique email address where you forward all of your leads.

You provide business hours, an email address to copy all emails and where to send daily reports.

We respond, qualify and report on overnight leads.

  • We will respond to overnight internet leads within 5 minutes.
  • When a prospect responds overnight, they are denoted as an engaged or ‘hot’ lead.
  • A report every morning of all activity.

This is human-guided bot following professional scripts which are continually audited and optimized for performance.


With the availability of tools such as Zapier, you ‘could’ build something similar to Overnight Dealer, but you would end up spending the same amount of money (or more) without the ability to continually audit and optimize for performance.

The advantage of Overnight Dealer:  we handle everything, are constantly improving and are here to serve you.

Never Lose Another Overnight Lead

Turn overnight leads into sales with Overnight Dealer