Following Up With Internet Leads In 2020

Lead follow-up is crucial!

78% of customers buy from the first responder.

If you don’t respond to a lead within five minutes, that’s another deal for your competitor to close.

We don’t want that.

It’s time to treat our internet lead follow-up like it’s 2020, NOT 1980.

It’s time to review some processes and make a change!

Here’s something you should know … Up to 40% of internet leads come in overnight.

A lot of opportunities are left on the table and it’s affecting your closing rate.

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies all of your overnight leads so sales can start the day motivated!

That’s 40% of your leads responded to and qualified!

You are already capturing 60% of incoming leads during business hours.

Let us help you respond & qualify the additional 40%!

It’s 2020; it’s time to respond and qualify 100% of your internet leads!

Are you ready to get started?