Getting The Most Out Of Your CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a technology for managing your dealership’s relationships and interactions with past, current and new/potential customers.

Believe it or not, the CRM should be you and your sales staff best friend!

Honestly – when was the last time you checked what your CRM can do for you?

Before you let frustration take over, consider utilizing your CRM for you and your staff’s benefit!

The Possibilities Are Endless…Literally

Your CRM is jam packed full of customer’s information!

Not just customers who recently sold but also those who bought years ago.

Everyone is due for an upgrade and you should be the dealership your customer thinks of.

Give them a reason to think of you!

Do not give your competitor an opportunity that’s literally in front you!

Pull a call list right from your CRM and get your sales people on the phone ASAP!

Shut Down The Auto Response

It’s important to be the first responder to incoming inquiries but it’s more important to come across genuine!

Shut off your auto responder.

Sales people should be handling all incoming leads throughout the day.

Your customers can spot auto responses and would much rather get a personalized message in return.

But what about the leads that come in overnight?

Good Question!

Consider hiring an overnight BDC service to respond and qualify your leads.

Most overnight BDC services are integrated with your CRM.

Overnight Dealer will answer & qualify overnight leads in less than five minutes!

In addition, we will provide you a Hot Leads Report each and every morning.

No more wondering which lead you should prioritize, we’ve got you covered!