High Productivity = Low Cost-Per-Sale

78% of car shoppers use 3rd party sites when researching new vehicle options (AutoTrader).

Thanks to sites like CarGurus or AutoTrader, consumers can have insight on which dealership has the best pricing.

Now imagine if your consumers were given a score on how well a dealership follows up with customers.

How would you rate your store?

If your follow-up was subpar, would a shopper still be impressed with your pricing?

54% of car shoppers buy from the dealership that accommodates their preferred experience, even when the price is NOT the lowest (AutoTrader).

Pricing has very little to do with the consumer’s final decision; it’s about the overall experience!

According to a 2016 Arthur D. Little study, dealers on average take up to 9.2 hours to respond to leads.

Nine Hours!

Make sure that’s not you!

Keep your inventory priced fairly and make sure your sales staff is following up with leads ASAP!

80% of shoppers are visiting at least two other dealer sites during the shopping process (Cox).

Do not assume that a hot-to-buy customer is interested in only you.

Increase your productivity and lower your cost-per-sale by improving your follow-up!