How Hot Are Your Leads?

We are in the middle of August and the weekend is kicking off!

Your sales staff is ready to close more deals.

Although there is an abundance of leads in your CRM, it seems as if every other inquiry is a dud.

Just browsing…

I did not send in a lead

I bought elsewhere…

If you were to review your internet leads, what percentage are hot versus bad?

What if I told you your hottest leads may be coming in overnight?

35% of internet leads come in when you are closed!

Without hiring an overnight BDC service, it’s nearly impossible to handle those overnight inquiries.

We have a solution…

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies your overnight leads within five minutes.

We will handle all of your overnight leads and provide you a Hot Leads Report each morning!

Schedule a demo and see how soon we could qualify your leads; we don’t want you to miss ANY sale opportunity!