Improve ROI With CTA

When customers are hot-to-buy, it’s exciting and we cannot wait to get them into the dealership.

Sometimes the excitement can be overwhelming for the customer and we tend to bombard them with way too many follow up questions.

Customers spend hours researching before making a car purchase.

The information you are emailing or texting them, they already know!

Let’s think about the goal…selling cars!

Not only that, we want to meet this customer face-to-face and make a great impression!

How do we get them in the dealership?

Simple – make it your CTA (Call To Action)!

Instead of overwhelming your customer with questions via email, ask them when they can come to you!

If you are prompt & direct with your response, you are going to keep this customer’s attention.

As for your overnight leads, consider Overnight Dealer!

Overnight Dealer responds & qualifies all overnight inquiries within five minutes based on your CTA (appointment/test drive).

In addition, we will provide you with a Hot Leads Report each morning.

This Hot Leads Report is an overview of customers we interacted with the night before and have set appointments with!

No more playing email or phone tag… keep your responses short & sweet if you want your inventory on the street!