Ixnay The Pop-Ups (Keep The Live Chat)

As we know, instant gratification is a consumer’s number one necessity!

It’s been confirmed that up to 63% of consumers switch to businesses they can text versus just call.

Do not think this does not apply to the automotive world!

In the past few years, there’s been an array of ‘Live Chat’ options provided by dealer site vendors such as Dealer.com or CDK.

When a potential buyer is on your site – if you have this live chat function – a window will pop up in their browser, giving them the option to chat with someone at your dealership (i.e. sales person, customer care specialist, etc.).

Some consumers like it … some find it annoying …

Have you ever considered ixnaying the whole pop-up altogether?

AtList, a custom Google maps platform, did a little research themselves.

They got rid of the chat window/bubble altogether and instead replaced it with a link.

This way, it is the customer’s choice if they would like to speak to someone via chat.

After replacing the pop-up window with a link, there was a 62% increase in new chat conversations!

Change is good, especially amidst a pandemic when every industry has had to make many changes in very little time!

Have your marketing manager reach out to your site vendor today and replace the bubble with a link…it might be worthwhile!