Short-Staffed Does Not Mean Fewer Leads

The first wave of Covid-19 has come and gone but it has left many industries in long-term recovery mode.

In response to Covid-19, dealerships have had to layoff most of their staff.

The pandemic may be experiencing a second wave but, consumers are not done researching about their next car to purchase.

Dealerships must rely on less staff, more teamwork & better use of technology.

Your CRM has not turned off…

Your 3rd Party Listings are still live…

Digital Retailing does not stop…

And neither do your overnight internet leads…

Because of consumer’s current financial situation, you may be receiving less leads than you did the year prior and yet, 35% of your leads still come in overnight.

Your goal is to hit your sales objective each and every month, even during a global pandemic.

Don’t Miss Any Opportunity Just Because You Are Short On Staff!!

Consider researching more about overnight BDC services.

There is zero reason to hire on a full-time BDC rep!

Overnight Dealer will respond and qualify all overnight leads.

Your sales staff will come to the dealership ready & motivated.

Thanks to our morning report of hot leads, you and your staff will know who to follow up with the next day!