Not Your Average Monday Holiday: Handling Overnight Leads During Covid-19

Columbus Day is here again but so far, it has not been an average October.

Thanks to Covid-19, a Monday holiday (that students usually take off from school), feels like a typical Monday.

Global pandemic or not, your goal as a manager is to motivate your staff to hit your sales objective!

Your sales performance has very little to do with foot traffic and more to do with how well your staff follows up with leads.

We’re not just talking about leads you receive during business hours… there’s a whole 35% of leads that come in when you’re closed.

Most dealerships are closed on holidays (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th, ect.) and yet, your customers are still searching your inventory.

It’s never easy coming back to work after a holiday.

Honestly, it can be a bit overwhelming!

Whether you are open or not on Columbus Day, your CRM is still flooded with leads from the night before.

Here’s a solution… Overnight Dealer will respond and qualify all overnight leads.

This includes leads that come in when you’re closed (especially holidays).

You have enough to worry about when it comes to the safety and health of your staff and customers.

Consider hiring an overnight BDC service during these trying times!