Overnight BDC – Do They Actually Work?

The main objective for a traditional automotive BDC is to:

  • Make outbound calls to bring in new leads
  • Manage all/any inbound leads to set up sales appointments

Simply put, they are the initial/first responder to all incoming leads during business hours.

But what about the leads that come in after hours?

35% of sales leads come in overnight.

This is one of the largest issues when it comes to your lead to close rate.

In addition to keeping your lead to close rate intact, an overnight BDC service will also keep your cost per sale down and protect margin!

By engaging with your customers after hours, an overnight BDC will not only keep your customers engaged, but prevent them from shopping your competitors site.

Never miss an opportunity just because sales is off the clock – isn’t it time you investigated an overnight BDC service?