Overnight BDC – Is It A Cost or Profit Center?

The main objective for a traditional automotive BDC is to:

  • Make outbound calls to bring in new leads
  • Manage all/any inbound leads to set up sales appointments

An Automotive BDC is the initial/first responder to all incoming leads during business hours.

Some automotive dealerships or groups are either all in on hiring a BDC or completely against it.

In some cases, having a BDC is greatly beneficial!

Appointments are being set and customers are being responded to in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, sometimes BDCs work less like a profit center and more of a cost center.

This is because BDC reps are in the mindset to sell versus set appointments. BDC reps are then credited for a sold unit instead of handing it off to a sales representative.

But here’s the truth… if your sales people were following up with leads within five minutes or less, there would be zero need for an automotive BDC!

If your sales team is consistently responding to inquiries in five minutes or less, you won’t need an automotive BDC.

But remember this … 35% of your leads come in when your dealership is closed!

Whether you are for or against an automotive BDC during business hours, it may be time you looked into hiring an overnight BDC service.

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies your overnight leads within five minutes or less!

When using our service, we will provide you a daily ‘hot leads’ report on all the customers we set appointments with for the following day.

As an overnight BDC service, we do not sell, we simply set appointments when your sales staff is off-duty!

No more worrying about figuring out payplans for your BDC … or wondering who to credit for a sale.

If you want to know more – set up a demo today!!