Overnight BDC – Stop Making Your Customers Wait

Picture this…

The working day is done and you’re ready to move more inventory in the morning.

You may have stepped away from the sales desk but, your CRM does not stop working!

There is more traffic than you realize.

35% of internet leads come in overnight!

And 78% of those overnight lead inquiries will choose the dealership that responds back first!

Here’s a question for you… how are you handling those overnight leads now?

Most cases, customers receive an auto response something along the lines of:

Thank you for your inquiry! Someone will reach out to you soon!

Without an overnight BDC service, a lead that comes in overnight may not get a response for up to 18 hours.

Imagine treating your walk-in traffic the same way.

If you’re not expecting a live person to wait 12+ hours for you, why not treat your internet leads the same?

An overnight BDC service is anti-Autoresponder & you should be too!

Consider testing an overnight BDC service and see how being the FIRST responder to an overnight lead can decrease your cost-per-sale & protect your margin!