Overnight BDC – What Your Competitor Does Not Know

Did you know 35% of internet leads come in after hours?

You do NOW!

Without an overnight BDC service, those customers submitting overnight inquiries have to wait up to 18 hours or longer for a response.

And guess what?

78% of customers work with the dealership that responds back first.

Enough industry secrets… It’s time to Outsmart Your Competitor!

Never miss another overnight lead.

Overnight Dealer qualifies and responds to your leads within five minutes.

In addition, we will provide you a Hot Leads Report each morning when your dealership opens.

A Hot Lead is exactly what it sounds like – an inquiry from a customer who is Hot-To-Buy!

We don’t want you to miss out on these opportunities.

This could be an extra four to five deals you’re missing a month.

Do not leave those leads on the table – your competitor will get them!!