Overnight BDC – What’s Wrong With This Email?

The role of any overnight BDC service is to answer internet leads with the goal of getting them into the dealership.

What happens most of the time?

Your current autoresponder or overnight BDC service sends a long email with tons of pictures and multiple questions.

In this edition of ‘What’s Wrong With This Email’, we see how this overnight BDC service is trying to do too much!

This prospect filled out a lead for a specific vehicle at 10:30 pm and yet the response is already attempting to move them towards another vehicle.

Shouldn’t that be reserved for the salesperson?

Our analysis reveals two issues:

  • 5 images
  • Moving the prospect towards another vehicle

The 3-Point Response™ utilized by Overnight Dealer is a proven method for avoiding being labeled a spammer and getting a response.

Customers have done their research and don’t need to be spammed with vehicle specs!

If your sales team is struggling following up with customers or your current overnight BDC is sending out messages like the one above, reach out today for a demo!