Overnight BDC – Where Are My Hot Leads?

We have reached the middle of September and your sales staff are eager to close more deals!

The leads in your CRM keep piling up and yet, it seems like every customer is not ready to buy.

I’m not interested right now…

I’m looking around

I bought elsewhere (YOUR COMPETITOR)…

How many hot versus bad leads are you getting a month?

There’s a chance your hottest leads are coming in when your dealership is closed!

Remember: 35% of internet leads come in overnight!

It’s nearly impossible to handle those overnight inquiries without an overnight BDC service.

We have a solution!

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies your overnight leads within five minutes.

We will handle all of your overnight leads and provide you a Hot Leads Report each morning!

Great sales opportunities come in around the clock; Overnight Dealer is here to make sure you never miss a hot lead!