Overnight BDC – Will It Lower My Cost Per Sale?

You may be skeptical about hiring an overnight BDC… we get it!

As a store manager, you have enough to worry about:

Monthly Sales Objective

Advertising Costs

Sales Follow-Up

The list goes on & on…

Why should you worry about your overnight leads – it’s not like customers are shopping at midnight.

But what if I told you’re ignoring 35% of your leads?!

That’s right!

35% of your leads come in after hours.

The customers who submit inquiries overnight end up getting ignored for at least 18 hours!

(Possibly longer … our studies have shown that many times sales reps will throw away overnight leads completely.)

But your competitor will take any opportunity they can get.

Anytime you miss the chance to be the ‘first responder’, your cost per sale goes up.

Stop wasting time & money and consider hiring an overnight BDC service today!