Qualify Leads When You’re Closed (Holidays Are No Exception)!

Fourth of July is here and similar to many dealerships, you are decorating your front line with festive balloons and have the grill ready to be fired up!

This is a great way to attract drive by traffic when you’re open but, what happens when you’re closed?

If 35% of your internet leads come in overnight, imagine how many more leads you’ll be shuffling through the morning after July 4th!

Most dealerships are closed on holidays (i.e. Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th, ect.) and yet, your customers are still searching your inventory.

It’s overwhelming to come back to the dealership the day after a holiday.

Your CRM is flooded with unread leads.

You’re short-staffed.

You’re doing multiple jobs at once.

Here’s a solution… Overnight Dealer will respond and qualify all overnight leads.

This includes leads that come in when you’re closed (especially holidays).

The days of texting your best salesperson in the middle of a family barbeque are over!

Isn’t it time you enjoyed a day off?