Secret To Closing More Deals

Psst… want to know the secret to closing more deals?

What if I told you the secret improves your lead follow up?

According to an Accenture Survey of 10K car buyers, shoppers spend up to 15 hours researching before making a purchase.

When a customer submits a vehicle inquiry, realize that they have done their research and if they are contacting you, they have good reason to!

Don’t give them a reason to reach out to your competitor!

We all understand the importance behind being the first responder to leads.

This does not mean you need to rely on outdated auto responses!

Auto Responses are not personable and tend to be filled with vehicle specs that the customer JUST looked at.

Even worse – sometimes those responses end up in spam.

Here’s our suggestion: The 3-Point Response™

The 3-Point Response™ utilized by Overnight Dealer is a proven method for avoiding being labeled a spammer and getting a response.

The 3-Point Response™ consists of:

  1. Picture
  2. Personalization
  3. Point

Why a single point?

Because your customer has done their research.

As the manager, you have goals to reach and need qualified customers on the phone or at your dealership.

Set up a demo today to see how The 3-Point Response™ can assist on qualification and closing rate!