Spotting A Hot Sales Lead

Your goal is to move inventory and sell more but, 35% (or more) of your leads come in overnight.

It’s nearly impossible to answer leads that come in the night before without a full-time overnight BDC.

In addition to answering overnight leads, it’s difficult to spot a good versus a bad lead once they start to pile up in your CRM.

Here’s a solution ….

Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies all of your overnight leads so sales can start the day motivated!

An overnight lead that engages with our response is a ‘hot lead.’

The following morning, Overnight Dealer will send you a Hot Lead Report.

This report will have a list of customers who engaged with us overnight and have set appointments for the following day (i.e. phone call or test drive).

All you have to do is assign the appointment/task to a sales consultant.

The work is done!

Stop stressing about overnight leads and focus on moving your inventory.

Spotting hot leads is Overnight Dealer’s specialty!