The Auto Industry Has Found Its “Sweet Spot!”

Despite the harsh reality of the current pandemic, the auto industry has been resilient!

According to former Ford CEO Mark Fields, the auto industry is in a “sweet spot!”

Sounds too good to be true?

Consider this!

Retail levels are approaching last year’s levels at this time.

Thanks to low inventories, there are fewer incentives.

And guess what?

Consumers are still buying!

Consumers who are buying now have deemed themselves to be more financially-able even amidst a pandemic where businesses have struggled and thousands of people filed for unemployment.

Those who are still able to afford a new car purchase, are still going to buy!

Covid-19 is not slowing down shoppers!

What has changed are consumers’ transportation preferences.

The requirement of social distancing has increased the need for personal vehicles!

Fields is expecting a strong fourth quarter!

Here’s to staying motivated during these trying times.

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