The Number One Question To Get Someone In Your Dealership

Whenever a hot lead comes in, we get so excited that we forget how much time this customer has spent researching our inventory.

We so badly want to get them into the dealership and yet, we end up bombarding them with way too many follow-up questions (yes, there is such a thing)!

Customers spend hours researching before making a car purchase … the information you are sending them, they already know!

The main goal is to sell cars.

Our number one priority should be to get this customer in the dealership or on the phone.

We want to make a great first impression; sending too many questions can be a huge turn off even for a hot-to-buy customer.

Consider making your one follow-up question geared towards getting this customer on the phone or in for a test drive appointment!

Instead of overwhelming your customer with questions via email, ask them when they can come to you!

You will keep the customer’s attention if you are prompt & direct with your responses.

As for your overnight leads, consider Overnight Dealer!

Overnight Dealer responds & qualifies all overnight inquiries within five minutes based on your Call To Action (appointment/test drive).

You’ll have a number of opportunities to ask them questions (face-to-face), so give them a reason to come meet you and see the vehicle of course!

Your hot-to-buy customer has shown an interest in you so show an interest in them by asking them to come in!