The Number One Response Guaranteed To Keep Your Leads Hot

The customer is always right but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a couple things you should know about their buying process!

Stop treating your customers like it’s 1980.

Thanks to the number of listing sites, Google & social media, your customer has done MORE than enough research about their next car purchase.

Get this… 90% of shoppers do 13+ hours of research before making a purchase.

If your customers have spent hours browsing inventory, why are you sending them vehicle specs after they submit an inquiry?

They don’t need that!

They just read it!

Sending back information they have spent hours reading, will turn a HOT lead ice cold!

The 3-Point Response™ utilized by Overnight Dealer is a proven method to get customers on the lot.

The response consists of:

  1. Picture
  2. Personalization
  3. Point


People are more likely to open and respond to an email from someone they know.

Having a picture of a friendly face accompanied with the sender’s name, looks more genuine and inviting!

Typical lead follow-up templates, have a sales person’s picture attached to their signature.

This old fashioned approach is more hokey and less trustworthy.


Similar to the picture, the signature completes the personalization!

The potential customer will see the email is coming from a trusted source: your dealership!


Why a single point?

Customers have done their research!!

The Point will be geared towards a selected CTA (Call-T0-Action), such as set up a call/appointment or test drive.

No need for multiple questions in one email message (it’s not the 80’s).

No need for a long drawn out message filled with pictures of a vehicle they JUST looked at!

Don’t overwhelm your customer with questions.

Trust that when a prospect reaches out to your dealership, it’s because they want to work with you.

Do not turn away hot leads with an outdated method!


There is zero time to for procrastination when a customer submits an inquiry!

Get them while they are hot… literally!