The Truth About Auto Responders

Imagine leaving your parked car running for hours…

You aren’t planning to go anywhere or do anything and yet, you keep the engine on.

Overtime your vehicle is going to run out of gas!

If you wouldn’t walk away from a turned on car, why are you leaving your CRM’s autoresponder on?

Stop Relying On AutoResponders!

AutoResponders are pesky and unproductive during your customer’s sales journey and cause more harm than good.

Customers want to make an appointment with a sales representative, not a robot.

There should be no use of an auto responder if you trust your sales staff to contact customers.

What about the leads that come in overnight?

Consider an overnight BDC service to handle the evening inquiries.

But please remember to keep your CRM’s autoresponder off.

It’s confusing for a customer to hear from an overnight BDC service AND an autoresponder about the same inquiry.

Who should they reply back to?

Which one is real versus a bot?

The top priority is getting your hot-to-buy customers into your dealership; so, make sure your autoresponder gets turned off before your buyers do!