Three Ways To Keep The Momentum Up During The Last Selling Week

The last week of October is here!

And guess what?

There’s one more weekend to spare in the next five days.

It’s time to crush your final selling days of October 2020!

Here are three ways to get you started:

Stay Motivated

Your sales staff is overworked.

They need you for support and motivation!

What’s the overall sales objective?

What can we ALL do to get there as a TEAM?

Help your sales staff set personal selling goals and show interest in their progress in this final week.

This will help your sales staff feel heard, motivated & appreciated!

Sit Down With Marketing

It’s the final week and you should know how your budget was utilized for the past 20+ days.

If there is still room left in the budget, make sure you use it!

Put a social media or email campaign together with your marketing manager.

Get the promotion out NOW!

Review Your Follow-Up

Feel as if you lost a couple deals over the weekend?

Review how quickly leads are being responded to (it should be five minutes or less)!

Is your sales staff qualifying hot leads or butting heads with bad leads?

The goal is simple: Move Inventory!

Do not leave the hot-to-buy customers waiting.

The priority is to answer leads within five minutes, confirm appointments and get customers in the door!


Overnight Dealer responds and qualifies your overnight leads within five minutes.

There’s no better way to start the morning than with a list of hot leads to motivate your sales staff!

Curious about the percentage of leads you may be leaving on the table each month?

Set up a demo today!