Touchpoints – The Space Between You And Your Next Sale

Congratulations – you closed another deal this month!

We are at the final stretch of this month, with only seven days to go until October.

What can we do for the next week to keep the momentum up?

Well, have you considered looking into how and why this customer chose you over your competitor?

Maybe it was the pricing or the convenience… but what if I told you your customers did hours of research before they filled out an inquiry?

What if I told you your customer made 30 touchpoints between the time she/he filled out the form and when she/he bought the car?

A touchpoint is any type of interaction a consumer makes during their buying journey.

When a customer Googles for you and clicks on your site – that’s a touchpoint.

When they get retargeted on Facebook and click on the ad – that’s a touchpoint.

All these clicks may lead to your inventory but it doesn’t mean the person is ready to buy!

The number of touchpoints depends on multiple factors:

  1. Price Points (If something is $500 or less, it’s easier to make a buying decision)
  2. Competition (Your consumer has not picked you yet; they have the right to shop other options)
  3. Urgency (Did they just total their previous vehicle? Are maintenance costs more expensive than if they bought something new today?)
  4. Frequency of Opportunity (If you’re not updating your pricing this gives the customer a reason to wait it out… I mean, it’ll still cost the same next week right?)

Congratulations – your inventory is priced great!

Now… let’s take a look at your follow-up technique.

According to HubSpot, 57% of a buyer’s journey is over before they interact with a sales person.

If your sales staff is not answering leads within 5 minutes, you are losing deals!

As for afterhours, consider hiring an overnight BDC service!

Overnight Dealer qualifies and responds to all of your overnight leads within 5 minutes or less!

A customer’s journey may be longer than expected and filled with an abundance of touchpoints along way… but like any journey, no one should go at it alone!