Two Best Practices On Lead Follow-Up

It’s nearing another end to a month and there are goals to be crushed.

As a sales manager, each and every day, you are determined to motivate your staff and move more inventory.

Of course the challenge remains the same: converting customer’s leads into sales!

Your CRM is packed full of a variety of leads from different sources and yet, those customers are still not on your sales floor.

Every great sale has a strong beginning.

That beginning stems from your lead follow-up!

Here are 2 best practices that’ll improve your closing rate:

Don’t Waste Time

Make sure answering leads within five minutes is the standard amongst your sales staff!

Customers should not have to wait hours for a response when they are ready to make a car purchase.

Do not leave them waiting or they will go elsewhere (like your competitor)!

Turn Off Your Auto Response

In general, auto responses do not answer most commonly asked questions and it stalls the sales process.

Your customers are reaching out to you, so let them hear from you.

Automating an initial response to an internet lead is not personable.

If your sales staff is able to answer a lead within five minutes, there is no need for automated response!

As for your leads that come in overnight, consider hiring an overnight BDC service!

Overnight Dealer responds & qualifies all of your overnight leads in 5 minutes or less!

Ask for a demo to see how Overnight Dealer can decrease your cost-per-sale and protect margin!