Two Reasons You Need To Be The First Responder

Buyers today are accustomed to instant gratification.

Thanks to companies like Uber, GrubHub and Amazon, potential customers want responses NOW.

The expectation is no different for a car dealership.

Two reasons why being the first responder always yields more sales:

#1: 78% of Customers Buy From the First Responder

According to a study by Lead Connect,  78% of customers buy from the dealer that gets back to them first.

Procrastination is not allowed on the sales floor!

(That waiting is costing you lost deals)

You’ve got only 5 Minutes to contact them!

Five minutes may seem like a small time frame but it’s not!

Don’t forget:  they have multiple browser tabs open searching your competitor’s inventory.

Why give them THIS opportunity?

#2: 1/4 of Dealers Don’t Follow-Up

The average car shopper fills out 4 leads and one of them never responds.

Don’t be that dealership that never responds!

Just by responding, you’ve got a 1 in 3 chance to win the sale!

This is why a Forbes study shows 71% of internet leads are wasted!

You’ve put so much money into getting their attention why pull back when you are now on their radar?