Two Ways To Boost Sales TODAY

A new month is here and yet, the same goal remains: hitting your sales objective!

Whether you are having a busy month or not, your lead follow-up technique is the most important part of the sales process.

Here are 2 ways to boost your sales today!

5 Minutes (And That’s All)!

If you are not answering your leads in five minutes or less, you’re leaving money on the table (for your competitor)!

When a customer is Hot-To-Buy, they should not be left waiting for your response.

Answering leads in five minutes or less should be a requirement on your sales floor!

Auto Responders Ruin Sales

Customers want to have a personalized experience via email, over the phone or in person.

It may be 2020 but, no one wants to talk to a robot!

Auto Responders are outdated, ingenuine and customers notice them everytime!

They are not personable and they can stall the sales process.

If your sales staff is able to answer a lead within five minutes, there is no need for automated response!

As for your leads that come in after hours, consider hiring an overnight BDC service!

Overnight Dealer responds & qualifies all of your overnight leads in 5 minutes or less!

Start protecting your margin & demo Overnight Dealer today!