Two Ways To Improve Lead Follow-Up Today

Every great sale starts strong!

That strength stems from your lead follow-up!

Here are 2 of the best lead follow-up techniques:

Stop Wasting Time

Answering leads within five minutes must be the standard on your sales floor!

Hot-to-Buy customers should not be waiting on you.

The longer you let customers wait the more likely they will search & buy elsewhere (do not give this opportunity to your competitor)!

Auto Responders Are The Silent Killer (In Sales)!

Auto Responders are outdated, look stale and customers notice!

Customers are reaching out to you because they want to hear from you – not a robot!

Automated responses are not personable and they can stall the sales process.

If your sales staff is able to answer a lead within five minutes, there is no need for automated response!

As for your leads that come in after hours, consider hiring an overnight BDC service!

Overnight Dealer responds & qualifies all of your overnight leads in 5 minutes or less!

Start protecting your margin & demo Overnight Dealer today!