What You Need To Know About Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads

If you haven’t heard yet, Facebook has released a beta-test for their On-Facebook Destination for Automotive Inventory Ads (AIA).

It’s similar to their current Marketplace Advertising platform except now you’ll have a unique destination for your new and used vehicle advertisements.

AIA provides a frictionless shopping experience for Facebook users.

What does this mean?

Your shoppers will stay engaged with your Vehicle Detail Pages (VDP) on Facebook as opposed to venturing off-site.

This keeps your potential buyer on Facebook’s platform instead of jumping from site to site.

Facebook has noted an 82% decrease in cost-per-lead with AIA in comparison to the off-site destination ad types.

There are a lot of advantages to Facebook’s AIA:

  1. Delivers a more efficient campaign performance
  2. Reaches in-market shoppers during their buying journey
  3. Re-targets shoppers who viewed or engaged with your dealership

If you’re interested in using Facebook marketing to its full capacity, consider testing Facebook’s Automotive Inventory Ads.

Keep in mind this will keep shoppers on Facebook so do not be concerned if you see a drop in website traffic!

As for available Call-To-Actions, AIA prompts consumers to message you via Facebook or call your dealership directly.

If you do not have a sales person monitoring your business pages Facebook Messenger, assign someone with that task if you’re considering this beta-test.

Remember you have five minutes or less to contact a customer!

Curious about how to handle your other leads in the meantime?

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