What’s The Secret To Happy Customers (Before They Buy)?

One of the biggest reasons customers leave a brand is because they are not pleased with the product or the service they get.

According to a study, 68% of customers stop buying from a brand based on the service they received.

Selling a car has more to do with the customer experience than it does the product.

The customer has done their research on the vehicle, they know what to expect.

What’s going to persuade them into buying from you versus the dealership down the road that has the exact same make, model and even price?

It all comes down to communication!

78% of customers buy from the company that gets back to them first so there is no time to waste when you have someone’s attention.

But what about the leads that come in when you’re closed?

An overnight BDC service is effective in keeping your cost per sale down and protects margin.

By engaging with your customers after hours, an overnight BDC can provide information on appointments for the following day.

End result:  Customers don’t feel ignored and they trust that your way of business is genuine.