Where Are My Internet Leads? | Important Questions To Ask Marketing Managers

Your sales staff is losing steam.

They’re following up with new inquiries, previous buyers and are still refreshing the CRM dashboard.

You’re anticipating an influx of leads after the holiday weekend and yet, you’re at a standstill.

Consider this: 35% of internet leads come in when you are not there!

If you are coming to the dealership each morning to an empty CRM, it’s time to speak with your marketing manager.

Your CRM should be flooded with leads IF your budget is going towards the right kind of leads!

Check the 3rd Party Listing Sites and make sure the correct inventory and pricing is available.

(Make sure your marketing manager is checking these sites too)!

If the inventory and pricing is correct, review which package you are on for each vendor.

There’s a possibility you could be targeting the wrong customer!

Set up a meeting with your marketing team (if you haven’t already) and figure out where your leads have gone!

Remember: 35% of leads come in overnight!

If your CRM is scarce, meet with marketing and improve your lead quantity today!!