Why You Need To Pay Attention To Your Overnight Leads

As a dealer group marketing manager, my #1 goal was decreasing cost per sale.

After measuring every number I could track (and we had a lot), I zeroed in on the biggest factor to increased close percentage – it was the time sales reps were taking to respond to Internet leads.

Turns out there’s a ‘magic’ time frame to respond (less than 5 minutes) and after that … well let’s just say, those leads get very cold.

That 5-minute window was not built with a modern dealership in mind.

How’s a rep going to respond to an Internet lead when they’re in the middle of a test drive?

Or waiting with a customer to meet with the F&I manager?

Or in the middle of an up?

It’s impossible.

And that was during business hours.

What about after business hours when 35% of our leads came in?

No one was answering leads overnight, reps would respond the next morning, but they knew those leads were cold and would focus on fresh leads.

We were wasting 35% of our marketing budget to generate leads which never resulted in sales.

To solve this, we tested AI from Facebook and Cars.com, but they tried to do too much and customers complained.

We also did automated responses, but most of the time they ended up in spam.

I mentioned this problem to my Dad over dinner one night.

He built the leading advertising attribution company (C3 Metrics), where they measure advertising for big companies such as JP Morgan, Hertz, Peapod, Carhartt and Nestle.

We got to work building what I’ve always been looking for.

Let me introduce you to Overnight Dealer.

Within 5 minutes, your leads receive a response guaranteed to hit their inbox (no spam) with a message designed around your call to action, such as set up a call or test drive.

Each morning you get a report of leads contacted with a list of hot leads, those who have responded.

Instead of reps ignoring overnight leads, sales starts their day focused with an action report of quality and engaged leads who are ready to make a deal!

We started with a private beta a month ago, extended it to friends and now there’s a small waiting list.

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