You Need To Stop Spamming Your Customers … And Here’s Why!

The first weekend of December 2020 is here and yet, the pandemic has yet to ease up!

You may still be short-staffed and your inventory is scarce.

Considering your current situation, it would make sense to freak out, right?


Before you psych yourself and your sales staff out, remember that you need to stop spamming your customers!!

We get it!

You want to get a potential prospect on the phone or on your lot so it only makes sense to continue to follow-up about their vehicle of interest…


There’s no reason to keep sending the same vehicle specs via email.

Guess what?

Your customer has done their research and doesn’t need an overload of information that’s now redundant to them.

Keep your responses short, sweet and to the point!

A single point!

Why a single point?

That’s where Overnight Dealer’s 3-Point Response comes in…

The 3-Point Response™ is a proven method to get customers to respond.

It’s personalized, it’s coming from a real email address and it asks a single point.

Stop nagging your customers; this slows down the sales process or can push away a hot lead.

Time is money, so don’t allow your customer to spend it on your competitor!

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