Your Auto Response Is Helping Your Competitor

We all know it is important to be the first responder to leads.

78% of consumers purchase from the dealership that gets back to them first.

It may sound crazy but, your auto response is not helping you!

Customers today want instant gratification and personalization.

Sales leads that come in after hours who are sent an auto response message are then ignored by sales until the next day.

But guess who gets front row seats to that hot lead?

Your competitor who hired an overnight BDC service!

Customers who inquire about a car after hours, believe it or not, are ‘hot leads.’

They are interested in a vehicle and are a decision away from visiting the dealership.

What can change their decision at 10PM at night?

Receiving an outdated, stale auto response; or worse, no response at all.

35% of auto leads come in overnight, which equates to lost time, money and margin by keeping that auto responder sending outdated messages.

Overnight BDC services prevent dealerships from missing any sales opportunity.

Stop Wasting Time When Customers Are Hot-To-Buy!