Zero Overnight Leads? Time To Speak To Marketing

Another weekend is fast approaching and your sales staff is losing steam.

They are responding to incoming leads, following up with previous buyers and continue to refresh the CRM dashboard.

You’re hoping to have a packed weekend of moving inventory and yet, the lead flow has dried up.

35% of internet leads come in when you are off the clock!

If you are coming to the dealership each morning to an empty CRM, it’s time to speak with your marketing manager.

You should have an abundance of internet leads if your budget is going towards right kind of leads!

First things first, make sure it isn’t a technical issue with your CRM or lead forwarding email.

If everything is set up correctly, dig into where your leads are coming from.

Check those 3rd Party Listing Sites and make sure the correct inventory and pricing is available.

Talk to your marketing manager and make sure she/he is checking these sites for you too.

If the inventory and pricing is accurate, review which package you are on for each vendor.

Maybe you’re targeting the wrong buyer!

Maybe your inventory isn’t available on enough listing sites.

Set up a meeting with your marketing team (if you haven’t already) and figure out where your leads have gone!

35% of all leads come in overnight; if you are coming to work to an empty CRM, improving your lead quantity should be your number one priority!